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Float Bowl Screw And Washer Gasket Float Bowl O-Ring Carb Float
Carb Float
: $2.50
The Carburetor Float Bowl Screw with Washer holds the Float Bowl Chamber on the Carburetor. Float Bowl O-Ring Fits Huay Or Ruxing Carbs Carb Float
Main Jet (Stock) Emulsion Tube Low Speed Idle Jet
Carburetor Main Jet (Ruixing) Not Drilled Carburetor Emulsion Tube (Stock Ruixing) The Ruixing E-Tube has two holes on the sides of the head. Strong Fuel Signal. Low Speed Idle Jet Stock (.016)
Carb Phenolic Insulator Carb Throttle Shaft Unit Float Bowl Chamber
The Carburetor Throttle Shaft Unit (Ruixing Carbs) consists of the Throttle Shaft, The Butterfly, and the Carburetor Screw with washer.
Race Ready Carb FMS Blueprinted and Flowed Carb (AKRA LEGAL) Carb Float Needle And Spring
The BSP Race Ready Carburetor comes factory smooth bored between .612 - .613. The Main jet comes bored to .036" and the low speed jet is .022". (NOTE:) (Jets can be drilled to your requirements. Just leave us a message in the notes section on your order as to sizes you want them drilled out to.) These carbs are disassembled and parts are machined and massaged to provide max-flow. Let your clone breathe and turn max rpms with our carbs!!!!!!  AKRA legal