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Muffler Cover Snake skin header  sleeve Muffler clamp
* Cover your Muffler when you are not racing and keep the dirt out.
* Fits Rlv-B91 Muffler
Header sleeve slides tight over pipe. Keeps pipe cooler on outside and the heat in for more horsepower. Price is for 2 ft. which will do most any pipe. (pipe not included) Stainless steel muffler clamp. Fits the RLV #4104 and #4106 muffler.
Rlv 4117 mini 91 muffler Box stock pipe RLV Clone Pipe .930
RLV-4117 This muffler was designed for AKRA / WKA / FKA Box Stock class rules. For use with weenie pipe. Great predator pipe. This Rapp Fab improved header pipe includes an extra long flange to make it the easiest and most secure way to attach the muffler to the pipe with a hose clamp or muffler wrap. This design will help ensure the muffler doesn't rattle loose and helps prevent it the muffler from snapping off at the threaded ends in the pipe.

The header pipe meets WKA / AKRA Box Stock class rules. The threaded end makes for easy installation of the Box Stock Clone Muffler (RLV4117).
RLV Clone or predator header.
RLV 4104 for stock class RLV 4106 for Modified and Open motors High Rpm weenie pipe
The B91 4-cycle Silencer Line offers a substantial reduction in both actual and perceived noise without a loss in horsepower. This silencer is the first step towards saving tracks all over the country. Muffler; Open and Mod motors
1-5/16" I.D.
More open, allows more exhaust flow than the 4104
You wont find a weenie pipe that puts out more Horsepower and more Rpms than the FMS Jr pipe. This pipe has max inside diameter,thick flange, and extra brace.
FMS Modified .990 FMS Pipe
FMS Pipe
: $75.00
Great pipe for Modified and Open clones/predators. This is a thick flange pipe. (8000-9800). Pipe I.D. .990  For use with GX 160/200 or Predator. Use with RLV 4106 The new FMS pipe has a cnc designed exhaust flange. We finish grind the flange by hand and use DOM seamless tubing for max flow. This pipe makes the most power of any pipe on the market. Comes with brace and drilled allen bolts.