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3/16'' Brake line ferrule Master cylinder replacement cap MCP caliper shims
Brake ferrule for nylon brake line. OEM replacement master cylinder cap. .030 shims for brake caliper. Specify Std./Mini
Compression fitting MCP brake bleeder/fitting Stainless -3 AN fitting
Compression fitting for 3/16'' nylon brake line. Brake bleeder and fitting for MCP csalipers Stainless brake line fittings. It takes 2 fittings per line.
Throttle cable  72" Brake line nylon 6 Ft. Aluminum Throttle / Brake Clevis
72" Throttle cable with 3/16" ball on one end. Nylon brake line 3/16 Dia.  Price is for 6ft. Black Anodized throttle /brake clevis for 1/4-28 thread
Brake fluid dot 5 MCP caliper ajustment assembly Brake rotor guard
4 oz. dot 5  Brake fluid Replacement caliper adjustment assembly. Brake rotor guard,often called a "Wolf plate" is perfect for protecting the drivers seat from rubbing the brake rotor. Required in most kart sanctions.
MCP std. master cylinder rebuild kit MCP Mini lite master cylinder rebuild kit Std. MCP caliper rebuild kit
Martin Custom Products Re-Build kit is for the Std. MCP Master Cylinder that we carry.
Instructions included with kit
Martin Custom Products Re-Build kit is for the Mini lite MCP Master Cylinder that we sell.
Instructions included with kit
Rebuild kit for std. size MCP caliper.
Mini lite MCP caliper rebuild kit Stainless steel brake line 32'' 1 1/4'' Brake hub 4 hole
Rebuild kit for Mini lite size MCP caliper.  1 1/8'' piston 32'' stainless steel brake line 3/16''. You will need 2 AN-3 fittings per line. 1 1/4'' Brake hub 4 hole. Fits std 7 1/8'' disc
1 1/4'' Brake hub 3 hole MCP Mini lite brake pads MCP std. brake pads
1 1/4'' Brake hub 3 hole. Black anodized. Fits mini disc 6'' Mini lite  MCP brake pads. Comes in pair of 2. Std. MCP brake pads. Comes in pair of 2.
7 1/8 '' MCP light weight brake disc 4 hole 6'' Mini brake disc 3 hole Std. billet MCP mastercylinder
Lightest 7 1/8 MCP disc available. 4 hole 1/8'' thick 6'' mini brake disc. 3 hole 1/8'' thick. OEM on most karts Std. billet MCP mastercylinder. Dual line.  7/8 piston
Mini lite MCP billet master cylinder Mini Lite MCP Pro X-cel caliper Standard billet MCP caliper
Mini lite MCP billet master cylinder. Dual line. This is OEM equipment on most oval karts. 3/4 piston Mini Lite MCP Pro Xcel caliper

New lightweight Pro X-Cel caliper by MCP uses the new shim style adjusters.

1 3/16" Bore

Standard MCP billet caliper
This caliper assembly is for .250" wide brake rotors, but can be adjusted for a range between .125" to .250". For use with 3/16" nylon brake line, and comes with fittings and bleeders.

MCP billet Mini lite brake kit MCP Std. billet brake kit
Complete MCP billet Mini lite Brake system

  • Kit comes complete with billet master cylinder and caliper
  • 6" rotor,billet rotor hub,brake lines and fluid
  • Fits 1 1/4 axle
  • Complete Hydraulic billet MCP brake Kit.

  • Kit comes complete with master cylinder, caliper, rotor, 1'' or 1 1/4'' axle hub, brake line and brake fluid.
  • 7.1" lightweight brake rotor