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Mychron Mount Steering Shaft Mychron Tach Lead Longacre air gauge

Product Specs:

  • Mounting bracket for most tachs
  • Mounts the tach to the steering shaft
  • Works with 5/8" shafts

The Aim RPM clip wire is designed to be plugged directly on the spark plug wire and is used for RPM pick up from monocylinder, 2-4 stroke engines.

NEW Design Tire Gauge - Great looking new graphics - includes both angle and ball chucks.

  • Air pressure release button
  • Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life
  • Flexible 14" hose with angle chuck installed - also includes ball chuck
  • 2" Glow-In-The-Dark dial face              
  • 0-15 lbs.  1/4 lb increments
Mychron CHT Lead Intercomp Durometer Mychron Optical Reciever (Eye)

Aim instruments can measure and record cylinder head temperature using a sensor (thermocouple) positioned under the spark plug. The thermocouple presents a turn in the lower part to make installation and disinstallation easier. All Aim thermocouples are K-type sensors.

The surface of a tire becomes harder with every heat cycle and even new tires of the same compound can vary a great deal in hardness. If a tire is too soft for the track, it will overheat and may not last the entire race, but if it is too hard, it will not get up to the optimum temperature and traction will be sacrificed. Intercomp's Tire Durometer enables you to make the correct tire selections for any track.

  • Type-A Removable Tip
  • Reads from 0-100
  • Adjustable face
  • Zero Dial
  • ASTM Certified
  • Includes:
    • Case

    Mychron 3 & Mychron 4 Infrared/Optical Receiver
    36" Overall Length

    Accucam camber gauge Accu-Toe ES Mychron 5 GPS Laptimer with sensor
    Accu-Toe ES
    : $279.00
    Finally a camber gauge designed for karters! The Accucam camber gauge is a specially designed gauge with left and right precision ground camber vials. This camber gauge is small in size and uses a positive lock adapter which ensures a more precise and reapeatable read. Accutoes laser alignment kit made affordable. The complete kit offers everything you need to align your chassis and set the camber, all in just a few minutes!

    Kit includes....Accucam camber gauge, Laser level, Precision scale, PRC rear axle extension, Clip on mirror.
    The MyChron4 is a powerful data acquisition gauge and digital display for kart racing. It combines a temperature gauge, tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact, powerful unit that easily mounts to your steering wheel. It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with graphical and digital RPM (tach) indicator, automatic lap time, and temperature input for exhaust gas or cylinder head temp