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Chavous Racing Products Bodies Bully 6 Spring 2 Disc Adult Clutch
Each: $185.00
Each: $295.00
Chavous bodies are designed to combine areodynamics with aesthetics.
Bodies are built with reinforcement in critical areas while enhancing chassis performance.
Adult Stock 2 disc, 6 spring complete clutch

This clutch is a 2 disc 6 spring clutch used for the adult stock clone class. This clutch is set with an approximate 4000 RPM engagement from the factory. Be sure to pick the sprocket size you would like from the list shown below.
Mychron 4 tach/temp data logger Max Horsepower clone!!!!!!!!!
Each: $345.00
Each: $750.00
The MyChron4 is a powerful data acquisition gauge and digital display for kart racing. It combines a temperature gauge, tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact, powerful unit that easily mounts to your steering wheel. It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with graphical and digital RPM (tach) indicator, automatic lap time, and temperature input for exhaust gas or cylinder head temp Put our 55 years of motor building experience in your pit. We are on the cutting edge of the clone engine horsepower tricks and secrets. We are constantly finding more power within the rules. These clones are completely blueprinted and machined.  All clearances inside engine are  set to precise tolerances. Special rings are installed for optimum seal. The latest cam installed and set for maximum duration and lift allowed. Special Stainless Steel valves and max pressure springs for superior valve seal. Maxed out carb with the highest flow available for instant throttle response. Highest horsepower pipe installed. All accessories included. Every engine is dyno tuned and ready to hit the track when you receive  it.
Mad Man starter kit Full set Maxxis tires pinks and blues
Each: $95.00
Each: $215.00
6 Quarts of Mad Man tire prep. 1 quart each Red Inside,Blue Outside,Purple Outside,Green Outside,Gold Outside, and Tire wash. Put yourself up front this season. Mad Man prep has been winning races all over the country. Simple and easy to use! You will receive a prep guide with your order.
Feel free to call with any prep questions before or after ordering. I will get you going on the path to the front.

Steve Fairfield (816) 836-6800
* 2- HT-3 Pink 12 x 9.00-6
* 1-HT-3 Blue 11 x 6.00-6
* 1-HT-3 Blue 10.5 x 4.50-6
* Join the lead pack!!! Maxxis tires are the fastest on the planet!!!!
* Size Matters!! Wider is Better!! The HT3-W, aka "wides" or "pinks", is the fastest kart tire on dirt. Sharing the same material make-up as the championship-winning HG3, but with reduced tread depth and wider contact patch provides maximum performance.
Maxxis "Blues" have earned the reputation as the best and fastest kart racing tire ever produced. Available in 6.0 and 4.50 configurations make the "Blues" the perfect inside mate for the new HT3-W.