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Motor mount Adj.(Flip) Axle Billet Aluminum 1" sprocket hub
: $60.00
Adjustable Angle Engine Mount for Clone and Briggs, International Rail, Top Mount Plate Rotates to Change Angle from 7 Degree to 15 Degree, Mount Also Adjusts Left to Right. 33'' black oxide 1 1/4 axle. Keys are cut full length 180 degrees apart. .250 keyways

Billet Aluminum 1 1/4" sprocket hub Lightweight 1 1/4" sprocket hub Hopper Stopper

This is a must for Jr. drivers.
EK #35 HT Kart Chain -120 Sprocket Holder Chain breaker
Best kart chain on the market ! 120 Links. High performance low drag. *Sprocket holder can be hung on trailer wall,laid on bench or carried to pit.
*Holds 12 sprockets
Made in the USA. High quality accurate chain breaker. This is the best fitting chain break you will ever use. Never use masterlinks for racing.
Aluminum sprocket guides 1 1/4" Wheel hub (Double lock) Plastic sprocket guides
Aluminum 4 piece guide
Built in spacer
Bolts and nuts included
9 inch Diameter
Product Specs:
  • Lightened Racing Rear Wheel Hub
  • 1 1/4": Bore with 1/4" keyway
  • Dual bolt patter for both 1/4" & 5/16" bolts
  • 1/4" bolts included
  • Black anodized finish
  • Double lock for extra clamping power
*Plastic 2 piece 9" sprocket guides
*Built in spacer
*Bolts and nuts included
#35 Tuck n Run Sprockets skip tooth 1 1/4" Wheel hub 1" Wheel hub

WMS Tuck & Run Sprockets are precision machined, lightweight, and proven winners. Whether you prefer the traditional "full tooth", or "skip tooth", the Tuck & Run Sprocket will give you an edge over the competition.

Unlike the "run of the mill" skip tooth gears, through extensive testing, our design has proven to provide superior performance and prevents the chain loss that you experience with other sprockets.

*Lightened racing rear wheel hub
*1 1/4" bore with 1/4" keyway
*Dual bolt pattern for 1/4" or 5/16" bolts
*1/4" bolts and nuts included
*Black anodized finish
* Lightened rear wheel hub
*1" bore with 1/4" keyway
*Dual bolt pattern for both 1/4" or 5/16" bolts
*1/4" bolts and nuts included
*Black anodized finish
Aluminum catch can 1" Free Spinning Axle Bearings 1/4"-28 Wheel Studs
Aluminum catch can anodized black. Comes with hose clamps and fittings. Made to attach to seat strut or frame rail. Free Spinning axle bearings 1" I.D. * 1/4"-28 Wheel Studs
* Hardened tapered
* Quanity 12
1 1/4" Free Spinning Axle Bearings Brake rotor guard #35 Pitch sprockets
Free Spinning 1 1/4" Axle Bearings. Large O.D.(2.835) Small O.D(2.440)   Large O.D. Brake rotor guard,often called a "Wolf plate" is perfect for protecting the drivers seat from rubbing the brake rotor. Required in most kart sanctions. * High quality aluminum racing gears
*4 9/16' bore 53-85
*Fits 5 1/4" standard hub pattern
*Red anodized finish
*Lightened design
*.160 thick for extra durability
1 1/4 axle collar 1 1/4 Black axle collar Wheel Nuts 1/2" Head
1 1/4 split aluminum set collar. Put one on each side of bearing to keep axle from moving. Also against rear hub to prevent slippage 1 1/4 Black split aluminum set collar. Put one on each side of bearing to keep axle from moving. Also against rear hub to prevent slippage Made in the U.S.A.
* 12 Wheel Nuts 1/4"-28 (smooth)
* Black 1/2" Head
* Great For Wheels and Sprocket
Wheel Nuts 7/16" Head American Made Chain break replacement pin Keystock  1/4''
* 12 Wheel Nuts 1/4"-28 (smooth)
* Plated 7/16"" Head
* Great For Wheels and Sprocket
Replacement pin for chain break 1/4" x 1/4" x 8"  steel keystock.
Pulse fitting 1 1/4" Axle Snap Ring
Pulse Inlet Fitting FMS uses these fittings to install in the Clone's Valve Cover in order to Pulse the Fuel Pump. Use 1/8th pipe tap. We sell the Valve Cover with the fitting already installed as well. Steel 1 1/4" snap ring