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Dowel Pin Crankcase Block Drain Plug Oil Fill Plug (Dipstick)
Dowel Pin (8x14) Crank Case Side Cover (Small) * Block Drain Plug
* Includes Sealing Washer
Oil Fill Plug Piston Wrist Pin Lifter Valve
Single Lifter Valve
Piston Circlips Spark Plug Boot Starter Cup Pulley
* 2 Piston Circlips Plug Boot Screws On
Crankshaft Bearing Connecting Rod Piston Rings Sets
* Crankshaft Bearing (Same in Block and Sidecover)
* Heat Block or Sidecover at 250 Degrees.
* Bearing will Fall In or Out.
Stock Connecting Rod * Piston Ring Sets
* Available Sizes: Std,.010,.020,.030,.040
Performance Cast Connecting Rod Piston Kit Clone Ignition Coil
Performance Cast Connecting Rod * Piston With Wrist Pin And Circlips
* Available Sizes: Std,.005,.010,.020,.030,.040
Ignition Coil
Max Stroke Crank Clone Block (Crankcase)
BSP Crankshaft ( HARDENED Max Stroke Crank.) Std Bore Block (Bearing Not Included)