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Chain break replacement pin Klotz chain lube Chain breaker
Replacement pin for chain break

Klotz® Hi-Performance Chain Lube contains ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System for all street, off-road, and racing applications. Specially formulated for conventional and "O" ring type roller chains to provide the maximum level of lubrication and rust protection. Klotz® ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System penetrates deeply to displace moisture and dirt and allow for maximum corrosion protection.
  • For standard and o-ring chains.
  • Cleans, lubricates and protects.
  • Extra strong clinging power extends chain and sprocket life.
  • Relieves stiff chain links.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Sprays right side up or upside down and the nozzle won't clog or fall off.
High quality accurate chain breaker. This is the best fitting chain break you will ever use. Never use masterlinks for racing.
RLV Xtreme Gold chain 120 link 35 pitch RK Gold chain 140 link 219 pitch
#35 RLV X-treme High Performance Kart Chain "Gold on Gold" 120 Links If you run engine way forward use this chain.
RLV Xtreme has made the ultimate in high performance Kart chain. State-of-the-art materials combined with the latest in drive system technology has produced a chain that is lighter in weight for quicker acceleration and less rolling resistance while maintaining superior strength. Xtreme chain is pre-lubricated and pre-stretched which reduces the need for adjustments. It is held to tight tolerances to make it free rolling with less drag between bushing, pin and side bar. Side bars coated for superior wear resistance and less sprocket wear. Patent Pending bushings with their angular seams is another milestone in design and function. If you are not using Xtreme, Gold on Gold, you are not running your best.
.All RK chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to ensure equal load distribution and minimal maintenance. They're made of the highest-grade medium carbon alloy steel available, with all components shot-peened and heat treated. All RK O-ring seals are made from an advanced Nitrile Butadiene composite for maximum performance and wearlife. Tested to be 4% more efficient than alternatives above 6,000 revs. Non-stretch - extended life. RK Chain has been used all over the world by many of the top karting teams and was used by the 80% of teams at last years CIK World Championships including the race winners. 140l