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Arc #6392 Stroker rod bearings Arc 6521 Heavy duty wrist pin Arc stroker clone rod  #6265
This bearing is used on the stroker rod for clone engines. #6265 This new wrist pin does not need to be cut down to be used in our Honda GX200, or Clone stroker and long rod setups. The 6521 is a tapered .490 pin that is 1.885" in length and made from from high quality tool steel. The best .490" wrist pin on the market. Billet Rod 3.625" GX 200 or 196cc Clone Stroker

Wiseco piston clone 2.678 Speed Wheel Arc #6058 billet clone sidecover
Speed Wheel
: $100.00
Wiseco Piston for 2.678" bore. This is the stock bore on a GX200, GX160, and the 196cc Clones. Compression Height is .640" Comes with rings and wrist pin. Billet Flywheel for Honda GX160, GX200, & 196ccBSP(clone)
* AKRA and NKA legal
*This is hands down the best flywheel on the market.
* Stock timing 32 degrees

Fits Honda GX200/196cc Clone The ARC 6058 sidecover features side by side dual ball bearings that support the crank and gives it another fulcrum point to help eliminate any crankshaft flexing. It has an integral o-ring along the perimeter in it's machined groove that guarantees a good seal. 4 solid pin receptacles mate with solid dowels to increase mating shear strength. Bronze bushing(with ARC's adavanced oil system) support for camshaft main increases strength and minimizes potential for wear. It has 2 venting holes at the top with 1/8" NPT Plugs. It also has 2 oil fill ports with billet ARC aluminum hand tighten plugs. Another useful feature is the threaded holes over the side dowel -pins so that small bolts (included) can be used to push the side cover for easy removal.
* Includes: Bearings, Seal, Gasket, O-Ring, Plugs and caps and installation hardware.
* Important * Due to variations in clone blocks, you may find that the side cover is not quite lining up with all four dowell pins. Try removing the bottom dowell pin if you encounter difficulty. Contact our tech department if you have any problems
Clone stroker crank #6572 Clone / Honda Stroker kit

This crankshaft is machined from a solid bar of Chromoly steel and will give you .175" more stroke than the stock crankshaft with far superior strength. You will need at minimum, our connecting rod #6265 and a Wiseco 10813P2(includes circlips,wrist pin and rings) or larger piston to run this crank. The crank is properly balanced when run with these parts. Other modifications to the engine are up to you.

*The stock bore will need to be honed approximately .004" to fit the piston that goes with this crank. Also, this piston has a thick dome which is designed to be cut down to your engine's deck height. You must cut down the top of the piston by test-installing the parts and measuring to see how much needs to be taken off.

*ALL of the compression release components (including the rivets) on the cam must be removed for clearance purposes, but otherwise, the rod and crank are pre-clearanced for this cam. This means that an electric starter will likely be necessary.

Our Stroker Kit for the Honda GX200, BSP, and Clone engines is the basis for building a +.175" stroker. This kit saves you more than $40 off the price of buying these items seperately!!! The kit includes:

  • ARC 6572-C Billet Chromoly Stroker Crank
  • ARC 6265 Billet Aluminum Stroker Connecting Rod with bearing inserts
  • ARC 6618 SFI Certified Billet Aluminum Flywheel with Indexed Adjustable Ignition Timing
  • Wiseco 11132PS Piston with rings, wrist pin, and cir-clips.

You must cut down the top of the piston by test-installing the parts and measuring to see how much needs to be taken off. We recommend either the Viton coated head gaskets or copper head gaskets. The only thing you will have to do with these parts besides proper assembly is hone the cylinder to fit the piston, set ring gap, and remove all the compression release components from your camshaft. The bottom of the cylinder and the camshaft may also need to be ground slightly for clearance depending on your cam and engine block choice.
Besides the regular external bolt-on parts, we suggest the following other High Performance parts for a stroker engine build (not included with kit)