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Pulse fitting Foam pre-filter Low Speed Idle Jet
Pulse Inlet Fitting FMS uses these fittings to install in the Clone's Valve Cover in order to Pulse the Fuel Pump. Use 1/8th pipe tap. We sell the Valve Cover with the fitting already installed as well. Foam Pre Filter 3.5" X 5" Low Speed Idle Jet Stock (.016)
Main jet Engine Throttle Clevis Super seal head gasket
Main jet
: $5.00
Selection suggestions for Box Stock:
Red restrictor plate engines on gas: .041"
Green and Purple restrictor plate engines on gas: .039"
Blue restrictor plate engines on gas: .039"
Unrestricted .615 carb on gas: .036" - .039"
Aluminum clevis fits clone or flathead. .BSP/Clone High Performance Head Gasket
This is a Steel, Viton Coated, .010 Head Gasket that meets all AKRA specs for use in the Box Stock classes
Viton is an extremely durable, heat resistant coating that is used to insure better sealing than a untreated, stock gasket.
22 lb. valve springs Muffler clamp Valve breather kit
22lb Springs great for extra rpms without valve float. Stainless steel muffler clamp. Fits the RLV #4104 and #4106 muffler. Clone valve breather kit. Fits tight in valve cover. Has outlet to attach tubing from valve cover to catch can.
AR3910X high performance plug Offset flywheel keys Blower Housing
This is the spark plug you want for the clone or the Animal. Gasoline or Methanol. This plug greatly outperforms the stock plug that comes with a clone engine. Hp gains seen on dyno. Increased compression!! Use offset keys to set timing for desired engine. Blower Housing (NEW REINFORCED DOUBLE MOUNTING TAB) Stronger and more durable than before. No more broken tabs!
Klotz filter spray K&N style air filter Restrictor plates clone
Filter and foam spray Jr class restrictors
Outerwears pre-filter Trick 10.8 valve springs (pair) Recoil Starter
Fits K&N style air filter

Pair of preset 10.8 springs Fits clone or Predator
High Flow filter cup with choke hold Fuel pump Clone cut top plate
Fuel pump
: $25.00
High flow black anodized filter cup for GX 160/200 clone or predator. With choke hold. Walbro fuel pump. Has removable top that can be rotated. Best pump on the market. Black half cut top plate. Hardware included. Plate is predrilled for fuel pump. Fuel pump not included. Fits GX 160/200
Clone Chain Guard Box stock pipe RLV Clone Pipe .930
This Chain Guard/Heat Shield is the perfect addition to a Box Stock, BP, Outlaw engine. The sturdy thermal shield is positioned to help prevent contact between your shoulder and the header, even when you lean on it in the turns. Great predator pipe. This Rapp Fab improved header pipe includes an extra long flange to make it the easiest and most secure way to attach the muffler to the pipe with a hose clamp or muffler wrap. This design will help ensure the muffler doesn't rattle loose and helps prevent it the muffler from snapping off at the threaded ends in the pipe.

The header pipe meets WKA / AKRA Box Stock class rules. The threaded end makes for easy installation of the Box Stock Clone Muffler (RLV4117).
RLV Clone or predator header.
RLV 4104 for stock class RLV 4106 for Modified and Open motors FMS Modified .990
The B91 4-cycle Silencer Line offers a substantial reduction in both actual and perceived noise without a loss in horsepower. This silencer is the first step towards saving tracks all over the country. Muffler; Open and Mod motors
1-5/16" I.D.
More open, allows more exhaust flow than the 4104
Great pipe for Modified and Open clones/predators. This is a thick flange pipe. (8000-9800). Pipe I.D. .990  For use with GX 160/200 or Predator. Use with RLV 4106
FMS Blueprinted and Flowed Carb (AKRA LEGAL) FMS Pipe PVL Flywheel Clone/Non hemi Predator Engine
FMS Pipe
: $75.00
These carbs are disassembled and parts are machined and massaged to provide max-flow. Let your clone breathe and turn max rpms with our carbs!!!!!!  AKRA legal The new FMS pipe has a cnc designed exhaust flange. We finish grind the flange by hand and use DOM seamless tubing for max flow. This pipe makes the most power of any pipe on the market. Comes with brace and drilled allen bolts. AKRA & WKA Approved

PVL is known for making quality flywheels. This flywheel is dynamically balanced and has been tested by PVL at 17,000RPM. The steel center hub adds durability to keep from damaging the taper. The center hub also has tapped holes for the use of a flywheel puller.

Performance Information
The PVL flywheel fin design allows it to move a very high volume of air. It is recommended that you leave only 1 of the blower housing recoil air intakes open. If more cooling is desired then the tape can be removed. The engine will perform best when you have the right amount of cooling to keep the engine from reaching an excessive temperature.

Ignition Timing
The flywheel works with the standard OEM clone coil with a recommended coil gap of .038-.040". The running timing with a straight up key is 28 degrees and it is recommended to start with a running timing between 28 to 31 degrees.

Testing of the PVL Flywheel
PVL, the manufacturer, tested the flywheel at 17,000 rpms and an independent company in the USA tested the flywheel at 15,000 rpms for 60 minutes, both without failure.