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11 tooth 35 pitch driver
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Clutch driver snap ring 11 tooth washer 11tooth driver snap ring
Sprocket retaining ring used with all new style sprockets (2003 and newer) that has the wide snap ring groove. Outer washer used with 11 tooth sprocket only. Outer retaining 7/8" Spiralox Ring for the 11 tooth sprocket. Used in place of part number 098-007 with the 11 tooth sprocket only.
35 pitch Bully clutch drivers 11 tooth Bully clutch driver
NEW STYLE with removable bearing 12-21 tooth #35 sprocket. Includes outer washer. Will fit SMC,Tomar clutches also. 11 tooth #35 sprocket. This sprocket is coated with an antifriction material but does not have a bushing or bearing.. Requires a special outer washer (098-026) and outer snap ring (098-003). Snap ring and outer washer are included when order the 11 tooth sprockket.